Bodybuilding at Strength Asylum

Bodybuilding & Weight Training at Strength Asylum.

Strength Asylum is one of the UK’s best equipped gyms for bodybuilding.

We have over 150 machines from market leaders Hammer Strength & Life Fitness. Each piece of equipment at the Strength Asylum has been hand-picked for its function and quality.

Founded by Gary Jones son of Arthur Jones (creator of the infamous Nautilus brand), Hammer Strength built its reputation on the pure performance and sound biomechanics of Plate-Loaded equipment.

Independent natural paths of motion offer more effective performance weight training. Over forty different Plate-Loaded pieces suit individual needs and accommodate even the toughest athletes allowing the user to target every muscle from every angle.

We also have in excess of 10,000kg’s of free weights, sets of dumbbells ranging from 2.5kg to 100kg’s in 2.5kg increments, fixed barbells up to 60kg and every bar and attachment you can think of.

Strength Asylum Fitness & Bodybuilding