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One of the UK's leading gyms for Bodybuilding & Strongman

Strength Asylum Gym

First Choice for Health, Fitness, Strength, Bodybuilding, Strongman and Powerlifting in Stoke.

Strength Asylum in Hanley, Stoke-on-Trent has been designed for people serious about training by people serious about training.

Our aim was to create the best environment for producing real results. A no-nonsense facility with the best equipment available. We have no fancy gimmicks, no steam rooms, saunas, pools or Jacuzzi’s we believe these to be counterproductive by developing the mind-set that the gym is somewhere to come and wind down, to achieve you need to be prepared to work! However we do have friendly experienced staff who are as serious about your training as you are!

We have dedicated PT’s from general health and fitness, bodybuilding and competitive strongman backgrounds that can provide you with the knowledge, support and motivation to help you reach your goals.

Through our own experience we have created the ideal facility to inspire and encourage you to achieve these goals. From the equipment and its layout to the music and atmosphere, whether you want to lose weight, build muscle or improve strength & fitness, male or female whatever your sport and whatever your level you are welcome at the Strength Asylum.


Staffordshires, and one of the UKs largest Official Hammer Strength Training Centres.

Opened in 2012 with around only 30 pieces of equipment in a 6000 sq ft warehouse, we set out with limited resources but “big ambitions”, we continually strived to grow and improve, introducing more and more equipment and have grown to the 13500 sq ft we occupy today with over 150 machines.

We reguarly hold seminars and appearances bringing the biggest names in bodybuilding to the area including such legends as Rich Gaspari, Lee Priest, Branch Warren, Kai Greene, Flex Lewis, Shawn Rhoden.

We’re also proud to sponsor and support some of the countries biggest strongman events and have been fortunate enough to hold host to some of the worlds strongest men including Zydrunas Savickas, Geoff Capes, Brian Shaw, Thor Bjornesson, Jerry Pritchett, Ervin Katona, Terry Hollands, Mark Felix, Micheal Burke, Micheal Shevlyakov, Martin Belsak, Glen Ross and of course our own Eddie Hall!


One of only two IFBB Affiliated gyms in the UK

We are also one of only two official IFBB (International Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness) affiliated gyms in the UK.


Award Winning

We were acclaimed “Regional Gym of the Year” 2015 for England & Wales by the NFA (National Fitness Awards).

Runner up Strength Training Gym of the Year 2016