Strongman & Powerlifting Equipment

Strongman & Powerlifting Training Equipment

Take a look through the list of Strongman & Powerlifting Training Equipment available at the Strength Asylum.

We have one of the widest selections of Strongman equipment in the UK catering from beginner to WSM.

Including the following items:

  • Atlas Stones 20kg-200kg’s (inc 2 full sets from 110-185kg with platforms from 4’6”-6’ used at England’s Strongest Man & World Team)
  • Farmers Walks from 20kg loadable to 160kg in each hand (used at Europe’s Strongest Man & World’s Strongest Man)
  • Frame Carry (used at Europe’s Strongest Man)
  • Car Deadlift (used at England’s Strongest Man)
  • Yoke’s, 50kg’s & 2 at 115kg’s
  • Apollon’s Axle, 2 at 140kg’s
  • Logs steel from 30kg-80kg
  • Slaters Log 100kg (used at Europe’s Strongest Man)
  • Conan’s Wheel, with Viking Press attachments
  • Truck Pull Harnesses
  • Silver Dollar Deadlift (used for World Record)
  • Loading Equipment, Sandbags ,Barrels
  • Axles
  • Tyres
  • Loadable Hammer Hold
  • Loadable Dumbbells
  • 80kg & 125kg Fixed Dumbbells
  • 13’ Two Man Deadlift (used for World Record)
  • Loadable Shield Carry
  • Full set of Kettlebells Worlds Strongest Man spec
  • Chain & Anchor x 2 (used at Europe’s Strongest Man & World’s Strongest Man)

We also have a variety of specialist grip training equipment.

All of this equipment is available for members to train with, if you can’t find what you are looking for, or if you have a specific event please ask and we may be able to help. Unfortunately due to insurance purposes some of this equipment may not be available to Day Pass visitors so please enquire beforehand.

Not only do we have the equipment but we also have the knowledge and breeding having helped nurture WSM Eddie Hall. Also on hand is his training partner, Britain’s, UK’s & England’s competitor Luke Fullbrook Personal Training for expert event, training and nutrition programming and advice.

As an added bonus we also have resident Mobility Coach The Move Well Project – Chris Peil MSc GSR CSCS who played a crucial part in perfecting the package to create a World’s Strongest Man.


** Holding a competition and don’t want to buy expensive equipment to use once ?

All of this equipment is available to hire out, please contact us with enquiries