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Becoming a member at the Strength Asylum is easy!

We have various payment options available to suit everyone’s needs.

Day Pass

One Off Sessions £4 *

* Subject to completing medical & PARQ disclaimers. All visitors MUST have a minimum of ones years training experience and confirm that you are competent and experienced enough to use all of the equipment safely and correctly and do not require an induction.

Direct Debits

The hassle free payment option, paid directly from your bank each month.

  • 1 Month by Direct Debit £25 per Month  (with no joining fees)
  • 12 Months by Direct Debit £20 per Month  (with no joining fees)

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Paid in Full

Don’t want another Direct Debit? Choose from one of these options.

  • 1 Month £30
  • 3 Months £75 (equivalent to £25 per month)
  • 6 Months £125 (equivalent to £20.83 per month)
  • 12 Months £225 (equivalent to £18.75 per month)

Pay by cash or card at the Gym.


It is Strength Asylum’s policy to offer all members a free induction to show them how to use the equipment safely and correctly.
Day pass visitors who require an induction may have one at an extra cost by prior arrangement.

Request an Induction

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