Tom Platz Squat Clinics & Seminar 2018


Thursday 25th & Friday 26th October 2018

This years Tom Platz Squat Clinic was an incredible experience yet again.

This guy has to be the most passionate and intense personality the sport has ever seen !

Take a look at a some of the highlights

Rest assured this will become an annual occurrence and we have already discussed some exciting ideas for next year.

Take it from the man himself …

Tom Platz Squat Clinic Gallery


Squat Clinic

A once in a lifetime opportunity …

This was a 4 hour in-depth squat clinic consisting of 50% class room and 50% practical.

Trainers will learn everything they need to know to perform the ultimate squat from the man himself, the workshop includes:

• PREPARATION – How to prepare yourself mentally & physically to develop a mind-set to train beyond failure.

• ANALYSIS – The correct technique to perform the perfect squat, Tom will personally analyse your form and correct where necessary to enable you to get the utmost out of the movement.

• TRAINING – Tom will spend time coaching everybody in the Squat, then depending on ability he may carry on to take a few of you through a full leg workout

• TECHNIQUES – Where he will also show some of the “brutal techniques” he used on hack squat, leg extension and leg curl.



Who is Tom Platz?

Tom Platz began his competitive bodybuilding career in the 1973 Mr. Adonis competition. He competed as an amateur until he won the 1978 World Amateur Championships middleweight division. In 1978 and after completing his degree at Wayne State University, he moved to California. He arrived there with $50 and a dream to win Mr. Olympia. For the following nine years Platz competed as a professional, aiming for Mr. Olympia. Though Platz never took first at the Olympia competition, he had a string of top ten finishes, with a third position in 1981 being his best.

Platz became famous for his remarkable leg development. He developed a high intensity, high volume method of leg training, which led to his unparalleled size and definition for his time. It is still widely claimed in bodybuilding that Platz holds the mark for the best legs of all time.

Tom Platz retired from professional bodybuilding competition in 1987 and did a ‘Comeback’ in 1995 when he was awarded Honorary Mr. America. He still promotes the sport wholeheartedly.

 Tom ‘Quadzilla’ Platz

Tom says, “I just want to give back to the sport I love which has been really great to me.”