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JP Grand Prix Bodybuilding Contest

JP Grand Prix Bodybuilding Contest

JP Grand Prix

The JP Grand Prix was a collaboration between Jordan Peters (TrainedByJP) and Strength Asylum Gym to bring to you one of the biggest amateur bodybuilding competitions in the UK. The competition was held on the 8th of October, at the Victoria Hall, Hanley, Stoke.

The competition was run under the PCA federation.

We will be adding more pictures and videos over the next few weeks.

The JP Grand Prix Gallery.

David Henry (Guest Poser)

David Henry Guest Posing Routine


Pro AM Videos

Sean Tavernier posing routine at the JP Grand Prix

Peter Molner posing routine at the JP Grand Prix

Class Posedown


Men’s Overall

Men’s Overall Video

Womens Overall

Women’s Overall Video



Bikini Masters

Trained Bikini

Class 1

Class 2

Class 3

Class 4



First Timers

Junior Bikini


Ladies Athletic Figure

Ladies Toned Figure

Ladies Trained Figure

Masters 40+

Masters 50+

Muscle Model

Mens Physique


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